SUGER team philosophy


A positive and rigorous pedagogy that respects the rules that apply to all

Founded in 1935, Suger School is proud of its history and traditions. The school is a private secular institution under a contract of association with the State. Only the opening of new sections are initially outside the contract (the bilingual primary and secondary schools). Suger School currently has 420 students, including 75 boarding girls.

In March 2018, SUGER school took over an establishment in Saint Germain-en-Laye, outside the contract, “le Cours du Prieuré” located at 27, rue Diderot, in order to develop a new educational project: the bilingual SUGER school. 

This project, carried out in partnership with the British Council (, aims to develop bilingual education at kindergarten and primary school level and then to continue on to secondary school.

Our educational project corresponds to the close link established between the educational team and the families. It includes the school’s own internal rules and regulations and unfolds in four interdependent dimensions

Intelectual development

With its long history and the vocation of its educational community, SUGER is resolutely looking to the future. It practices and develops a project-based pedagogy that is open to the world and integrates new technologies. The quality of its teaching is the counterpart of its high standards. This requirement is exercised in an environment that fosters the desire to learn and teach and the will to progress together. SUGER’s educational project values a sense of effort and hard work. It encourages teamwork, solidarity among students, and tutoring as well as the learning of autonomy, critical thinking skills and independence. Each student receives individualized attention according to his or her needs or difficulties. Support classes, workshops and tutorials are organized to reinforce methodological aspects and consolidate the acquisition of knowledge. This educational environment aims to develop self-confidence and the pleasure of learning through a pedagogy of encouragement and positive appreciation.


This is the principal challenge of SUGER school. The child must evolve towards autonomy, acquire a solid base of values such as self-esteem and respect for others, tolerance and generosity. Solidarity, mutual aid and attention to the weakest and most disadvantaged. The intellectual development of the child, anchored on a foundation of stable values, will allow him/her to build, to put himself/herself in perspective, to project him/herself in order to elaborate an ambitious and realistic professional project. They will be able to make conscious decisions, to make well-considered choices, to look at things critically, to defend their convictions, to learn to situate themselves and to act within a group, and to become responsible citizens and actors in their own development.

Openess to others and the world

SUGER is committed to offering students a sustained learning experience in English from the very beginning of their schooling. The goal is for each student to become bilingual at his or her own pace and according to his or her abilities. To achieve this, we have been developing a partnership with the British Council for the past 5 years, which is growing every year (partnership on the bilingual primary project, additional courses throughout the year, intensive courses during the school holidays). The school encourages the organization of study trips and linguistic and cultural trips  abroad: Seville, Barcelona, Rome, Berlin, San Francisco, Johannesburg, Beijing, Bombay, Montreal, Dublin, Edinburgh, etc. These projects are part of the curriculum of each class and are prepared and exploited in class.  Meeting and observing different cultures nourishes a child’s reflection on the world around him/her, encourages him/her to question others, sharpens his/her curiosity and enriches his/her knowledge. The same is true for encounters with the professional world: internships, company visits, trade shows, and job fairs encourage a child to think about his or her orientation and to build a personal project with the educational team.

Education at home and education at school

When families decide to enroll their children at SUGER, they express their desire for a real continuity between the education provided at home and at SUGER. It is therefore necessary that a permanent collaboration be established through dialogue, exchange and mutual support on all aspects of the educational project. The family becomes a full partner of the school through regular monitoring of the child’s progress as well as through its participation in the life of the school (class representatives, participation in councils and committees, work in committees, accompaniment of outings or trips, sharing of experiences, hosting of interns). Indeed, it seems to us that the quality of the relationship between families and the school is a determining factor in schooling, if not a condition for the success of students.                        

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