Additional activities


Trips abroad and opening up to the world

Each year, at the initiative of the teachers and the management, linguistic or cultural trips are organized (United States, Europe, India, South Africa…). Prices depend on the destination, the duration of the trip and the number of participants.

English courses

Intensive English courses (30 hours/week), for all levels, are organized at SUGER during the school vacations (except Christmas vacations) in partnership with the British Council ( SUGER students benefit from a 50% discount on the rates offered by the British Council.

Pre-school course

A pre-school program is offered during the last week of August in Collège and Lycée by level.

Review course

  • Passing the early tests (for the 1ères during the first week of spring break)

  • Passing the baccalaureate (for Terminale students during the first week of spring break)

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