Suger School

Suger School offers an educational project at the service of young people in a spirit of mutual aid, generosity and encouragement. Our goal is to prepare them for the exercise of freedom and responsibility. This project is structured around the following three axes.

Academic success

  • Standards, support and methodology
  • Organizing school life based on respect for others and the achievement of set objectives
  • Providing each student with a response to his or her expectations and challenges through listening, dialogue and prevention
  • Living together through authentic communication and the participation and inclusion of all
  • To manage the transition from lower to upper secondary school
  • Acquire method, rigor, and autonomy
  • Reinforce the taste for effort and a job well done
  • Enrichen knowledge and know-how

Personal development

Various modes of expression :

  • Expressing oneself through the arts: visual musical
  • Develop sportsmanship: sports association, access to competition
  • Perfecting expression: writing, reading and oracy workshops
  • Get involved in noble causes: projects to help people and nations – global citizenship
  • Discovering the world: trips for linguistic and cultural exchanges
  • Participate in educational outings and conferences.
  • Supporting orientation: discovering professions, orientation advice
  • Discovering the working environment: professional internships and company visits
  • Involve families in the construction of the pupils’ projects

International exposure


  • Promote communication in English through bilingual classes 
  • Encourage trips abroad and intercultural exchanges: San Francisco, London, Rome, Dublin, Edinburgh, Madrid, Barcelona, Berlin
  • Reinforce English language learning through intensive courses during the school vacations in partnership with the British Council
  • Holiday courses to prepare the Cambridge school exams 

Suger’s mission is to stimulate the ambitions of young people and to promote their success

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