Bilingual kindergarten

The Suger bilingual school welcomes children from kindergarten to senior kindergarten.

Depending on enrollment, classes may be of double-levels.

Suger School is a bilingual French/English school, the distribution of lessons allows students to follow 50% of their lessons in French, and 50% in English, starting in the small kindergarten section. Our English-speaking teachers are native speakers and trained by our partner, Cambridge International Schools.

The average number of students per class does not exceed 15.

The philosophy of the educational project is based on benevolence, rigor, positive evaluation of the children and openness to the world.

The programs taught, respect the guidelines and standards of the French National Educational program and the National English curriculum.

It is between the ages of 3 and 5 that the children’s ability to learn languages is optimal. It is at these ages that the capacity for mimicry appropriation on which most of the learning of a language is based, is strongest. 

While foreign language instruction is important in a bilingual school, exposure to the language outside of the school environment is no less important: trips abroad, internships during the school vacations, watching television or movies in the original language, and whenever possible, speaking English at home!

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