Bilingual elementary school

Teaching in French and English

The amount of instruction is balanced between the two languages so that the children practice both English and French.

Students have science, history-geography, art and music classes in English. 

The children speak, hear, and read in English and thus immerse themselves in another culture. From the age of 6 children start writing in both languages and is a skill in constant progression.

The various class projects and the end-of-year school trip also facilitate access to an English-speaking culture.

The native English teacher is trained and accompanied by Cambridge International schools throughout the year

The French teacher follows the French national education system of reference

The two teachers work in pairs on common projects to ensure consistency across the program. 

Differentiated teaching in small classes.

The teacher adapts his or her teaching to take into account the abilities and learning pace of each child. 

The class is small so that the children can express themselves and gain confidence.

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