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Dear Parents,

Well after a week of home learning, it’s clear that a strict timetable doesn’t work for everyone. With this in mind, please go at your own pace with Morning and Afternoon work. Your kids need to have a variety of stimulating activities during this time, and it looks as if it’s going to be a while. Just do what you can :). 
Cooking and baking can be done to teach science and maths, phonics writing and spelling!! Some ideas to try this week if you have time to bake together:
– Use scales to measure ingredients
– Count the number of chocolate chips that go into the cookies
– Mix the ingredients together to see what happens (what happens to the colour texture etc). Is it easy to mix, or do you need a lot of strength?
 – Guess what letter each ingredient start with. Then guess what letter it ends with. Are there any rhyming ingredients? If not, can you make up a silly word that rhymes with the ingredient?
– How many syllable’s are in the name of each ingredient?
 – Ask your child to invent a recipe and write it out. They could draw pictures of each ingredient too.
The very Cranky Bear (For MS and GS)
1. Listen to the story here
2. Ask you child to cut out the attached Cranky Bear discussion cards. Once all the cards are cut out, place them face down and get your child to choose a card. Help them to read what it says, and then they have to answer the question (in English of course!). Repeat this until they’ve answered all the questions. There is an answer key for you to hang onto, so you can help guide your child. They may want to watch the story again.
3. Complete the ‘The very Cranky bear literacy’ worksheets attached. 
Starting Tuesday, I’d like to have video calls with the children. If you agree to this, can you please download the Zoom application onto your computer. Reply to this email and let me know what day during the week suits you. I will then send you a link to the meeting and confirmation of day/ time. If you don’t want to do these calls, it’s ok. I can record videos etc. It’s just an option.
GS (and MS can try too). Try this basketball game to practice adding numbers up to 19. A few of the children will be able to go up to the higher numbers, so please do.  As this is an online game, 10 – 12 minutes is enough for one session.
The time we Spring-cleaned the world
Please read the attached poem to your child and ask them if they could hear rhyming words. Ask them what they think the poem means, and did they like it? Would they like to have a go at writing a poem? If you, they could dictate it to you to write for them, then they could learn how to read their own poem.
I wish you all a lovely week. You’ll hear from me again with more activities and some video lessons coming up, but until then please go at your pace and do what you can. Incorporate learning into everyday activities.
Thank you,

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